Updated 16.11.2020

1. Controller

Javasko Oy
Business ID 0605346-1
Jokikatu 4
FI- 35800 MÄNTTÄ

2. Contact person for register issues

Mats Kronholm


1. Purpose of the personal data protection

This privacy policy is compiled for the people who want to know what personal data about
them is being gathered and how this information is used by Javasko Oy. In its marketing,
Javasko Oy follows the Personal Data Act and Information Society Code, which are
enforced and guided by the Data Protection Supervisor, as well as the laws passed on the
use of cookies, which are enforced by Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Read
this privacy policy with care so you know about what data is gathered, how is it used and
what rights you have concerning the data collecting.

2. Gathered data

Javasko Oy’s page uses cookies. Read more about cookies.

We collect anonymous / not personalized data using the following tools:
– Google Analytics
– Hotjar
– Facebook Business Manager

You may use our web site with hidden incognito mode, if you want.

By using the contact forms on our site, you can submit your information with confidentiality. We use the information given there to contact you by mail, e-mail or by phone.

3. Time frame of data collected

Anonymous cookie data is collected each time when visiting our www site.

4. Utilization of the collected data

Cookies are utilized in cases such as developing the user experience of our site and
developing our online marketing

5. Protection of the collected data

Your personal data is kept safe at the hands of our technology partners and there is no
access to it by third parties.

6. Third parties

7. Links to external sites

Javasko Oy may recommend products or services by third parties to its customers. All
possible has been done to ensure the correctness of the information. Javasko Oy is not
responsible about content outside its own web site.

8. Changing your data

You may ask your data to be viewed and change it by contacting us.

9. Contact information:

Mats Kronholm